Transparency alert: I don’t love the holiday season (and it’s not because I don’t love Jesus or my family and friends).

I know not loving the holidays flies in the face of conventional Christianity and you might consider me a hard-hearted, needing to be saved, heretic for saying that. But it’s true. I really don’t care for it at all.

To me, this time of year means a whole lot of extra work, interruption to my schedule, and frenetic spending. Sometimes I resent it, and lots of years I want to escape it, but every year it rolls around, and I have to mentally prepare myself for the whirlwind in order to survive it.

Can you relate?

The truth is, I hate the commercialization of one of the most precious and vital events in history, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Christmas is about celebrating the redemption of mankind from the snare of sin, not Santa, Frosty, or holly jolly Christmas trees.

The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us! That is worth celebrating.

One of the ways I survive the commercialization is by listening to Handel’s Messiah. It soothes my soul and centers me on the miracle of Jesus. It may not be your cup of tea musically, but you know, that whole thing is scripture? It’s about the prophesied Messiah, mankind’s need for a savior, and God’s answer for that need.

This year I’m going to pro-actively fight against the anti-Christ spirit!

Beginning December 1, I am going to post a short devotion based on the scriptures of Handel’s Messiah. Amazingly, there are 24 individual scripture verses involved in the music from the prophesied Messiah to the announcement of Jesus’ birth to the shepherds.

This will be a way for you and me to stay sane in these crazy weeks.

I’m wondering how you feel right now. Do you enjoy the holiday season? Are you excited and anticipating lovely and beautiful moments (Hallmark movie style)? Or are you dreading the expense and endless activity intruding upon your schedule? Maybe your perspective is somewhere in between. I’d love to hear! And let me know how you like the devotions.


  • Norma Vermillion

    I grew up listening to Handel’s Messiah and now I play it year round! It’s so moving and a truly anointed work of God’s art. I also hate the commercialization of Jesus’s birth and I stress out on gift giving. It’s not God’s plan at all, first to cheapen the most holy of gifts, or to trivialize His sacrifice. I do love that it’s a wonderful time that brings our family together. We are so scattered and pulled in every direction all year and, making “Jesus the reason for the season” is celebration enough for me!
    I love you and I look forward to your insights Handel’s The Messiah.

  • Sarah Norris

    I’d say somewhere in between. I love the time with family. Where we all set aside time just for one another. I hate the spending, and the insanity of preparing for the holiday. The decorating, cooking, wrapping, planning….Uhg! Can we just all get together and eat a normal meal? Let’s not worry about large extravagant gifts and just enjoy each others company. The fact that half of Americans go broke or in debt for Christmas is ridiculous. So yea definitely in between for me.

    • Totally Sarah! I love my family too and want to spend quality time enjoying their company, having fun and fellowshipping. Usually I’m so
      prepping and serving, that I miss out on the relational parts. I’m looking for ways to make our gathering more intimate, simple and meaningful. Thanks for sharing!

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