Sometimes beginnings can last for a long while. A beginning looks like a wide open frontier laying sprawled out before us, just waiting for us to enter in and construct something upon it and in it. It is unwritten and unstructured. We’ve only just begun to walk in our hopes and dreams. Beginning speaks of potential, a future not yet determined but full of hope and expectation.

A few years after beginning we can still feel like we are standing on the threshold of something yet unwritten and undefined. The hope, joy and excitement of the unwritten possibilities has faded a bit and has lost its clarity in the mist of time and delay. You’re only beginning. Those words were spoken over me two and a half years ago. I look back at these past few years and I can say I am not where I was but I am not where I thought I would be either. I feel like I have only taken a few steps into the vast domain of my future.

It is times like this that I must rely on my faith and hope in the Lord to be the Good Shepherd to me. I must trust Him and trust His goodness. I must know that His will and His time are perfect and that He knows me better than anyone. He knows what will sustain me and He will not allow me to walk in something that will destroy me. There is a process of growth and maturity that I must go through and while I am only beginning, there is a point to the beginning and a process that will take me to the fruition of God’s purpose for me.

Beginnings don’t mean that stuff is going to happen fast but that you have entered in a special place and time reserved just for you. A beginning is a signal that God’s hand is upon you and that He is in the process of developing you. Seeming delays and closed doors are in fact other ways that God works to develop deeper hunger, longing, and desire that can only be fulfilled in His presence and by His hand. Standing on the brink of your destiny, or your Promised Land, can make you feel all at once dizzy with anticipation and excitement and heavy with defeat and discouragement. This is the place where we will quit or be strengthened to take the land. Press in despite the discouragement of delay and know the Lord is working on your behalf and in you for His glory.

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