For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people, but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you. Isaiah 60:2

Driving down the streets of Pleasant Grove in Dallas, TX is similar to entering a third world nation, at least for this middle-class white girl.

Somehow I escaped the drug scene at school, and even in college, where drinking was the social norm, I never enjoyed the feeling of drunkenness. I cannot relate to the overwhelming sense of darkness because I grew up in the light.

When I was a child, I readily received Jesus as Lord and Savior, and had child-like faith, believing that Jesus cared and wanted to release people from oppression and sickness.

But attending church in the inner city has opened my eyes to the pervasive darkness and hopelessness. People living in the grip of poverty – generation upon generation – is inconceivably heart-wrenching. The struggles these dear ones face are evil unveiled.

Darkness is everywhere though. In my world, it is hidden behind nicely manicured lawns, college funds, and mini-vans. It might be dressed up and disguised, but it’s still darkness. In the Grove, nothing is hidden. Drugs, crime, violence, and selfishness, are rampant and done out in the open.

Let’s consider Pleasant Grove as a microcosm of all of humanity epitomizing the evil darkness of sin and the separation from God. Each individual is consumed with their own insatiable appetite for more, and they never become satisfied. It is an insidious and vicious cycle.

God’s desire is for the earth to be covered in His glory, but Satan counters with an attempt to surround the earth in darkness. We as individuals spread out over the planet, cover it with either light or dark.

Salvation is the light that dispels darkness every single time. As we take the light into the darkness – individual to individual – the darkness is dispelled, and the glory covers the earth.

We knocked on her door, ready to hand her a box of food. She came to the door so broken that even the crack couldn’t numb the pain and despair she was feeling. It was hard to tell her true gender, but she accepted food and prayer. Tears streamed down all our faces because the light of God was shining.

Only God can touch a person in that condition. But He uses people to reach people. His heart was crying out for that woman. He wanted to deliver her. He was waiting on us. Waiting for us to go! It is our mandate to take the light to the darkness.

She came to church the next day. And the next week. Then again, the week after. She accepted Jesus into her heart and said she wanted deliverance from all her bondage. God will continue His good work, and we will continue to pray and offer support.

Now there is one more light shining where before there was only darkness. There is hope where hopelessness previously reigned. The glory of God is shining and one person at a time, His glory is covering the earth.

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