Sometimes it is God’s grace to wake up at 4 a.m. It’s an invitation from God to embrace His grace! The wakefulness is an answer to the prayer for more of Him, but the call to step into grace is not always answered with an enthusiastic yes, but with a groan and a disdain for being awake at an “ungodly” hour. These are the times when we have a choice to accept grace or not, where we must deliberately step into it and make a conscious decision to pursue a closer, more intimate journey with the Lord.


The Lord is faithful and loving, and He will always respond to us from His nature and character. He is for us, not against us, and is working and interceding to see that we are a success. He is committed to helping us accomplish the works prepared in advance for us (Ephesians 2:10) and to receive our purpose, hope, and future (Jeremiah 29:11); yet not all believers experience the fruition of God’s plan for their life. Why? Is there a breakdown on God’s part or more likely, on our part?


As partners with God, we must learn how to apply the word and understand the difference between God’s will and God’s desire. We want to believe that in His ultimate power and sovereignty, God causes His will to be done at all times, whether we do anything or not. God can do that, but it is not the way He has chosen to operate most of the time. He decided to work with us, His people, His called ones, to accomplish His objectives on the earth.


God expresses His will in one of two ways. There is His intention that something will be done and no matter what, it will be accomplished, i.e., Jesus’ return. The second is His longing for something to be achieved, for example, John 3:16. He yearns for none to perish, but are people lost? Yes, they are. God does not want that to happen, but unless something intervenes, it happens. He communicated His desire to give us abundant life, but we must respond by believing and acting, or in other words, applying the word. Revelation is a remarkable and exciting thing, but without a utilization of what we’ve been shown, nothing changes. Application takes time and effort. It is work!


God offers the grace to accomplish all He has set before us and to come deeper into our experience with Him. He has given His word, and He gives us His very presence, but we must take the time to learn His word and to seek His presence (the application).


The choice to embrace grace is like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade. He comes to the edge of a cliff and needs to get to the other side, but there is no bridge or anything to aid his crossing. Something inside him prompts him to take a step of faith off the edge of the cliff. When he takes that first step, embracing the unknown and the danger, he finds that there is a hidden and invisible bridge crossing the divide. Grace is the beckoning of God to take that first step into the unknown and to trust that the greatest adventure is within reach, if only we say yes, even if it is at 4 a.m.!


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