Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain and hill brought low; the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough places smooth. Isaiah 4:4

What are the barriers to salvation?

Sin. Intellect. Selfishness. Deception. Pride. Fear. Rejection, so on and so forth.

When we take today’s scripture in context with the previous three days, there is a progression.

First, the soothing balm of comfort is applied to the sin ravaged soul that rejected God. Comfort My people with the knowledge that a Healer, Savior, Deliverer is on the way.

Next, the Father declares that the prodigals can come home because their time of rebellion and fighting against God is ending. The time for punishing sin is ending.

In the third verse, we find that there must be a messenger and preparation. The crooked way to salvation – the impossibility of following the law – must be made straight. The remedy is coming, but the heart of each individual must be prepared to receive.

To receive the people must do something within their hearts to make a clear pathway for salvation to enter in.

Today’s verse shows us what must be done to create a landing strip for salvation. Just as an airplane cannot land on an uneven surface, salvation cannot come when the valleys and mountains of resistance stand in the way.

All hills and valleys must be evened out to create a proper landing strip. Rocks, trees, roots, grass, etc. must be removed.

Once the area is properly prepared, a plane can land safely.

This is how salvation works. All the barriers must be broken down, and all the pitfalls of sin must be filled in. The Holy Spirit moves on a person to accomplish the work of making a landing strip for the kingdom, but a person must cooperate with the work.

Maybe you’ve already received salvation. I bet you can think back and see how God removed the valleys and mountains in your heart.

But what does your landing strip look like now? Have you maintained the area? Have you kept out the weeds, thorns, rocks? And have you taken up the mantle of the messenger? Are you proclaiming the message, partnering with God to apply comfort, to show the prodigal the way home and to make smooth and straight the way of the Lord?

Once we’re in, it becomes our mandate to participate in the proclaiming of the message to others! We must help make the way straight for the Lord to come to their lives.

Let’s talk about it.

What did the mountains and valleys represent in your life?

Which of those things tries to creep in even now?

How was the message of salvation proclaimed to you?

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