The Lord just dropped this into my heart. I’ll be honest and transparent and tell you He did it because I needed to hear it. Oh, how I needed to hear it. I’m so thankful for His reminding me that I am His own and that He believes in me…not in what I can do, but in who I am: a vessel filled with His likeness and created to release His goodness to the world around me.

This is somewhat (o.k. very) raw. It is straight from my notes and I don’t feel it needs refinement because there is an anointing on the unembellished word that is sharper than any two-edged sword and able to divide between soul and spirit. I can’t improve upon that!

Here’s what I sense in my spirit:

Life’s not about being a ___ but letting the (unique to only you) expression of God flow through your life
  • To those around you
  • To the things you do
  • In whatever it is that you do – vocation, ministry, title (Mother, wife, child, employee, boss, pastor, leader, etc)
This is a refocus from a life centered on 1. self, on 2. validation through works, on 3. position through title, to a life absorbed in God and His outlook on your life and the lives of those around you. His expression in you is what those around you need, not your title or performance.
Refocusing in this manner releases the soul from the bondage of perfection, performance, unmet expectations and is free to rest in the life and ability of the Father, the One who accomplishes His work through you.
Lord, help me to rest in this truth and let You shine through me all the more!
I release the pressure to be a ____ and I receive Your expression in me. Amen.

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