“Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.” Matthew 1:23

It was the darkest and most lonely existence. She could’ve never imagined it. All hope was snuffed out and what remained for the once beautiful appointed one was the agony of lost dreams and purpose.

In the beginning, the appointed and created one was the picture of beauty. She was conceived in love, and the plans for her life and future were set in place. She would one day take her place and dispense righteous wisdom and benevolent justice as her father’s representative.

Her world was lush and fruitful. It was vibrant and alive with expectation. As she walked through the garden of her world, all creation rejoiced in her presence.

Her eyes saw nothing but good and her spirit was alive and brought energy to the remainder of her being. From her spirit she knew things, she understood how things worked, and how they connected. And from her spirit, she was one with the only one who was higher than her – she walked in perfect relationship with the life-source, her father. He taught her, he infused her with himself, and she quite literally glowed from his love.

One day a curious thing happened, and the girl encountered another creature. He was enchanting and enthralling. He captured her attention in a way she had never experienced before. It didn’t take long for the appointed one to focus her desire upon the charming creature in the garden.

The charming one began to ask her questions about her father. She didn’t think he meant to, but his questions caused her to wonder if her father had indeed promised her a good life. She considered, for the first time, if he really loved her.

The charming one promised the girl even more knowledge, knowledge her father had withheld from her. She thought her father would be proud of her for learning on her own, for seeking the meaning of life independently. So, she decided to make an alliance with the charming one.

But things didn’t turn out the way she expected, and now she was in a pit – a trap the charming one built for her. As soon as she pledged her allegiance to him, he turned into an ugly, foul creature that dug his claws into her flesh and her soul. With the stench of his breath, he snuffed out the light and life of her being. He murdered her spirit.

She was no longer connected to her father, and she fell into a bleak reality.

She could only blame herself.

The charming one was really the deceiving one. And now she knew without a doubt that her father was good, kind, and loving. He was the source of life and love. She wondered if she would ever experience his love again.

She was in hopeless despair.

Look for part 2 tomorrow.

In the meantime consider the following:

What is God’s original plan and purpose for your life? What did He destine for you when He conceived you in His heart?

What was life like in the garden before sin arrived? Can you imagine the vibrancy of life, light, wonder and love?

Who was the charming one in your life who turned out to be the deceiving one? How did you feel when you were trapped in his snare of deceit?

Did you long for someone to rescue you?

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