The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a light has shined. Isaiah 9:2

At one time you made your home in the darkness, and you lived in the land of the shadow of death. You did. I did. And every other single human being on the face of the planet did.

You were born into it. You didn’t ask for it or seek it, at least in the beginning, but being born into it makes it seem normal and inescapable.

Then at some point, you saw the light.

Maybe you came quickly to the light, or perhaps you resisted and held on to the shadows. But eventually, the goodness of the light penetrated the encompassing darkness and your soul awakened to the joy of the light.

I am struck at how we can walk in the light, yet still, be threatened by the dark. The darkness creeps and lurks around the fringes of life.

How far does the power of the light extend into the territory of your life?

Anytime God is extending your borders, there is a new dawning of light in that territory, and there is a struggle to displace the darkness.

Once you are born again, you are renewed and regenerated by the light of salvation. Yet many still struggle with negative cycles of sin. It’s not until the light penetrates old mindsets that the darkness is wholly dispelled from that area of one’s life.

As we grow in the light, the fight against the dark continues through uncertain situations, unexpected loss and tragedy, financial stress and lack (to mention just a few). The process of breaking through to new territories and gaining additional victories challenges faith and the expansion of the light.

Each time you go through something new and challenging, it is an opportunity for the light to shine upon darkness and expand the dominion of the light in your life. Before you went through that situation, that part of your life was sitting in darkness. After that circumstance, the light dawned, and the land of the shadow of death was pushed back.

No matter what you’re going through this Advent season, hang on to the hope that light is stronger than the dark. When the light breaks in on new territory in your life, you can be assured of victory, as long as you don’t quit or give up.


What situation are you facing right now, or recently faced, that challenges the superiority of light in your life? Was there a time when it felt dark and hopeless? How did it change? Or, how can the dawning of light cause it to change?

Who do you know who is currently sitting in the land of the shadow of death because they have not yet accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior? Say a prayer of faith for them right now.

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