Isaiah 40:1 “Comfort, yes, comfort My people!” Says your God.

There are times in life when all you need is comfort. That’s why even grown-ups call out for their mothers when they are sick or in distress!

You need comfort when your heart is in gut-wrenching pain over a loss, when you are in a struggle for your life and sanity, or when you are interceding for a delayed breakthrough.

But there is no greater need for comfort than the soul’s need to be reconciled with God.

When God said these words through His messenger, Isaiah, He was speaking to a sin-sick nation. He saw their self-inflicted sickness and their war-torn weariness, and He had compassion. His compassion poured out in the prophetic pronouncement that deliverance was on the way.

His words of comfort are as appropriate today as they were those thousands of years ago when they were first spoken. Take comfort, my friend, and know that whatever your situation is, God sees you just as He saw them. Your condition may be of sin sickness, or it may be only the wear and tear of life. No matter, the answer then and now is Jesus.

God’s assurance of a coming deliverer was meant to bring comfort and in turn, joy to the grieving nation.

But today, our comfort and joy are found in the finished work of the cross.

What was once prophesied is now fulfilled prophecy. We have the great benefit of living in the reality of the deliverance from sin and in knowing the veil of separation is torn. We are reconciled to God, and the pain of our separation is healed.

But remembering the pain of our separation from God is a source of compassion towards those who remain separated from Him.

Jesus IS comfort.

You were comforted when you came out of darkness and emptiness and now have the opportunity to give comfort by sharing Jesus. Consider what Jesus said:

“Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4)

There is no comfort without mourning. Who are the ones in your world who are mourning because they don’t know Jesus? Will you give them comfort by giving them Jesus?

In this season of “holiday cheer” and hustle and bustle, your heart may be in a difficult place due to loss or impossibilities. Or maybe you’re mourning, and in despair because of the effects of sin in your life. The promise of comfort is for you, but you must make a place for it, believe it is for you, and receive it. Settle into a quiet place and give your pain to Jesus and let the prophesied One of comfort bring soothing to your soul. Let Him renew and revive the joy of your salvation today.

Let’s start a conversation!

How has God comforted you in a difficult season?

Have you ever been comforted in the process of repentance?

How is salvation the ultimate comfort to mankind?

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