Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Isaiah 60:1

Friend, are you hurting? Have you lost your hope? Is your situation impossible, uncertain, difficult, or all of the above? Maybe you’re facing a Christmas without a loved one, maybe you have a health issue, or perhaps you are just frustrated with your life.

I don’t know what specific set of circumstances you are facing today, but each of us is facing something sad, painful and/or challenging. It’s not only challenging to our abilities, emotions, or resources, but it’s challenging to our faith.

The battle rages whether we want it to or not and it’s easy to feel defeated when things don’t seem to change, or we face long-term difficulties and cycles we can’t seem to break free from. But today’s verse sheds light on the truth of life in Jesus.


Arise out of your despair and look up. The word ‘arise’ is spoken to someone who’s in a downward position, like being downcast, laying down (possibly in defeat, discouragement or pain), or sitting (maybe because you’re tired and just can’t take anymore). When you are down, your condition is hopeless.

But the Lord is indicating that there is a reason to hope, and there is a reason to arise! The reason is that the light of the world has come and you need to be a part of that light. Plus, the light on you is glorious. Our hope is found only in Jesus.


When you stand in hope and expectation in the Lord, you shine. It’s His glory in you, and upon you, that illuminates your being.

The crazy irony is that you must make the choice, by faith, to stand up. You can’t remain in your downcast posture and receive. Notice the scripture doesn’t indicate that the Lord will cause you to stand, but it commands you to act in faith and obedience. You have to choose, right where you are, feeling the way you do, to stand up and receive, in faith.

The glory of God, which is His presence and ability, is rising like the sun. The rays of His splendor are beaming out from His being, but you must be in a position to catch those rays. You must arise so you can shine.

The hope of the world has already come. He came as light itself. He shined His light, and He shared His light. He even named you the light of the world (Matthew 15:14). You were made for the light and glory of God, but first, you must shed the despair of your impossible situations, and by faith, soak up the rays.

Let’s talk about it.

Is there an area in your life where you find it difficult to stand in faith?

When have you seen the Lord come through when you chose to stand?

How can an awareness of His light and glory change one’s countenance?


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