I wrote this for my Overcomers people because it’s an issue those in recovery deal with, but we all deal with pain and sin. There can be a confusion regarding the term overcoming. What exactly are we supposed to overcome? It may not be what you think.

You can’t overcome pain.

You’ve tried desperately to do good. You want off this roller-coaster. Still, you struggle with the addiction and chronic cycles of negative behavior.

Here’s the thing: The pain you feel cannot be overcome, not even with the help of a 12-step program.

Pain has to be healed. Period. End of story.

God is the only one who can heal and take away your pain. And you’re the only one who can let Him.

I spent years trying to overcome my pain. At first, I didn’t even know that pain was driving my behavior. I was just empty inside and was searching for love in all the wrong places.

My heart was encased in a shell of concrete, making it impossible for love to enter or exit. As much as I wanted and needed love, I couldn’t receive it, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t give much either.

It wasn’t until I sought counseling that I realized God wanted to heal me. Through the process laid out in Step 4 and the Living Free in the Kingdom book, I began to allow God to expose the lies I’d built my life upon.

As I repented and rejected lies, received forgiveness and love, and asked God for truth, I became more and more free from the bondage of pain and torment.

So, where does overcoming enter the picture? After all, this ministry is called Overcomers, and the bible says we’re supposed to overcome.

We overcome sin and darkness, not pain.

God’s given you an arsenal to use in your battle against sin and the powers, principalities, and darkness of this world. Your struggle is against the kingdom of darkness.

As you are filled with God’s Spirit, you are empowered to resist the temptation to sin. You engage with the Spirit, and He leads you into triumph over your enemies.

God’s word is a weapon in your hand and mouth to slay the attack against your life. But not only that, God’s word brings continual transformation to those who apply it and exercise it over and in their lives.

If you find yourself in a hopeless cycle of defeat, I implore you to take some time to ask God about your pain. Are you willing to come clean about what’s driving you?

If you face it, He will reveal it to you, but rather than rub your nose in it, He will wipe it clean.

God’s power to heal is unsurpassed by any other method you’ve tried. Sure, it may be painful for a moment as you relive a trauma or adverse event, but the healing that comes afterward removes the power of the pain to torment you, allowing His forgiveness, love, and truth to restore you to wholeness and health.

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