Now there were in the same country shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night. Luke 2:8

The long-ago prophesied king is born! Prepare the birth announcement! Sent it to all the people who hold grand positions, the kings, the rulers, Caesar, the high priest…not!

This king was born without the pomp and circumstance of any other king. He was born in the middle of a cesspool of germs. Can you even imagine? Although the sheep were out in the fields at the time of year when Jesus was born, we don’t know if there were other animals in the stable at the time, but even if there were not, there remained plenty of dust, dirt, and stink.

Jesus, God made man, the Creator of man, was born into what was likely the sheep stable. Bethlehem was known as the place where the Passover sheep were bred, raised, and prepared for the Passover. The Lamb of God was born right where all the other sacrificial lambs were born.

I wonder if the shepherds could’ve possibly grasped the significance of this Lamb’s birth or of their being the ones to receive the birth announcement. The sacrificial lambs were born to die. They were cared for and watched over by the shepherds, who were lowly commoners. Jesus, God’s sacrificial Lamb, was also born to die, and His people were the everyday sort.

The humble birth of Jesus and the glorious birth announcement given to the shepherds indicated what kind of king Jesus was. His status and position were not threatened by a lack of possessions or recognition. His purpose was to save everyone, not just the “important” ones. He demonstrated the value of each soul by entering the world in such a humble way and by having His birth announced to what most would’ve considered the most insignificant people in society.

So God, by announcing the birth of the King to shepherds – Passover lamb shepherds – foreshadowed the Word made flesh’s ultimate purpose: to become the Passover Lamb, to have His blood spilled and applied to our very lives. He, therefore, rescued us from the grip of death, reconciled us to relationship with God and restored mankind’s authority to rule over the affairs of the earth.

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