Dorothea, her husband, and youngest daughter live in a small rural community east of Dallas where they enjoy life with various farmyard animals, a small dog and a fluffy cat. Their four adult children are married and are filling their quiver with grandchildren. They are co-directors of a Christ-centered 12-step program called Overcomers Recovery Support, and they serve as the Associate Pastors at Hilltop Church in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas, Tx.

Dorothea’s passionate pursuits are writing and teaching the word of God. She published her first bible study, Fitted for Grace, in 2016 and her second study, Surrendered! The life, ministry, and writings of the Apostle Paul, was released in January 2019.

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Dorothea thinks she’s more than a little weird because she LOVES public speaking. If you’d like to have her at your place, please click here.

The facts don’t tell you everything about a person. So, if you’d like to know more about Dorothea’s story, continue reading.

I was a Christian for a very long time before I really knew the word of God. My bible knowledge consisted of whatever I learned in church on Sundays and Wednesday nights. I just didn’t know where to begin.

But I did begin. In 2004 I picked up a workbook called, Believing God, by Beth Moore. I had never heard of the woman, but the description on the LifeWay flyer drew me in because it spoke to a deep need in my heart. That study had a transforming effect on my life that has yet to stop. Not only did I learn about the Bible and God, but I fell deeply in love with God’s Word.

When I found my love for God’s Word, a passion for teaching and sharing what I learned was awakened in me. I traveled to foreign countries with other ladies to teach women about God’s great love and plan for them. I taught Sunday School and eventually began discipling women in the Word and preaching in local churches.

Today my passion to equip women to live to the maximum of their potential compels me to teach the Word and how to study it.

Life IS hard. But we don’t have to go through it as mere survivors. God gave us everything we need to thrive. He gave His written Word and His very presence—both empower us to live an abundant, holy life.

My heart burns with desire to lead women toward a love relationship with Jesus and His Word, and I seek to erase Bible illiteracy.

If you can relate to how I was, being a God-loving Christian, but not knowing the Bible very well, then I ask you to begin here. Read some of the articles or start with my first Bible study, Fitted For Grace.

Reach out to me. I am here to help. I know from experience that when you are rooted in His Word, you can endure, thrive, and bear fruit in this crazy life.

God gave us everything we need to be victorious we just have to learn how to use what He gave us!

Let’s anchor ourselves in the rich soil of God’s Word and face life well equipped for whatever comes our way.




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